Learn Korean: Ready to Love

Ready to Love is the title track in SEVENTEEN’s 8th mini album ‘Your Choice’ released on June 18, 2021.

In the early days of our debut, we used a lot of splashy and honest expressions that were suitable for our age, but now, even if I try to speak honestly, I’m likely to say something refined. “Ready to love” sounds heavy, but it’ll get your heart pounding like a drum in excitement. This is a song about love, so I wanted it to be about the present, not try to make it sound young and innocent or grown up and mature.”

– Woozi [Weverse Magazine Interview]

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Verse 1

널 만나 내 마음이

계속 더 자라서


  • 너 : You
  • 만나다 : To meet
  • 내 : My
  • 마음 : Heart
  • 계속 : Continuously
  • 더 : More
  • 자라다 : To grow


= Because my heart has been growing since I met you…

우리 사이란 친구로는

모자라 난


  • 우리 : We/us
  • 사이 : Relationship
  • 친구 : Friend
  • 모라다 : To be insufficient
  • 나 : I/me


= …our relationship as friends is not enough for me.

Pre-Chorus 1

처음 느낀 심장의 속도가

이리 빠른 줄 몰랐어


  • 처음 : First
  • 느끼다 : To feel
  • 심장 : Heart
  • 속도 : Speed
  • 이리 : Like this
  • 빠르다 : To be fast


= The speed of my heart that I felt for the first time, I didn’t know it’ll be this fast.

All I wanna do is run away

‘Cause you are my escape, bae

Love has no limit 대답을 원해, ay


  • 대답 : Answer/reply
  • 원하다 : To want


= All I wanna do is run away ’cause you are my escape, bae. Love has no limit. I want an answer, ay.


I’m ready to love

내게 말해 줘

Can we stay together, can we stay together?


  • 나 : I/me
  • 말하다 : To say


= I’m ready to love. Please tell me, can we stay together? Can we stay together?

I’m a fool of love for you

내 맘을 네 곁에 forever, 네 곁에 forever


  • 내 : My
  • 맘 : Heart
  • 네 : Your
  • 곁 : Side


= I’m a fool of love for you. My heart is by your side forever, by your side forever.


세상의 반대로 run away

내 손을 잡아


  • 세상 : World
  • 반대 : Opposite
  • 내 : My
  • 손 : hand
  • 잡다 : To hold


= Run away to the opposite side of the world. Hold my hand.

계속 run away

이제 날 믿어


  • 계속 : Continuously
  • 이제 : Now
  • 나 : I/me
  • 믿다 : To believe/trust


= Keep on run away. Trust me now

숨이 차오를 듯이 내 맘 가득

채울 수 있게 (그럴 수 있게)

You give me purpose


  • 숨 : Breath
  • 차오르다 : To fill up
  • 내 : My
  • 맘 : Heart
  • 채우다 : To fill
  • 그렇다 : To be like that


= …so that you can fill up my heart as if I’m out of breath (so you can do that). You give me purpose.

Verse 2

Already know, yeah

생각에 빠질 때 짓는 표정

네 기분을 푸는 secret recipe


  • 생각에 빠지다 : To be lost in thought
  • 짓다 : To make
  • 표정 : Facial expression
  • 네 : Your
  • 기분을 풀다 : To feel better


= [I] already know, yeah, the expression you make when you’re lost in thought, the secret recipe to make you feel better.

내 눈이 널 보는 순간

다 알고 있어

아무 말 하지 않아도


  • 내 : My
  • 눈 : Eyes
  • 너 : You
  • 보다 : To look/see
  • 다 : All
  • 알다 : To know
  • 아무 말 : Any word
  • 하다 : To do


= The moment my eyes see you, I know it all even if you don’t say a word.

Pre-Chorus 2

All I wanna do is run away

‘Cause you arе my escape, bae

너만 준비가 되어 있으면 돼, ay


  • 너 : You
  • 준비(가) 되다 : To be prepared


= All I wanna do is run away, ’cause you are my escape, bae. You just have to be prepared, ay.


하루하루 쌓여 갈수록

내 감정도 더욱 커져가


  • 하루하루 : Day by day/everyday
  • 쌓이다 : To be piled
  • 내 : My
  • 감정 : Emotions/feelings
  • 더욱 : More
  • 커지다 : To grow bigger


= As the days continue to pile up, my feelings as well are growing more and more.

더 이상은 I don’t wanna waste

널 위해 달릴게


  • 더 이상 : Anymore
  • 너 : You
  • 달리다 : To run


= I don’t want to waste anymore. I’ll run for you.

The End.

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